K-netizens react to RIIZE’s skills with their encore stage on M Countdown today

RIIZE ‘Boom Boom Bass’ wins 1st place on M Countdown today + Encore

1. Wonbin and Sohee’s intro part was so good ㅠㅠ

2. Wonbin and Sohee are doing well

3. Congratulations to RIIZE for winning 1st place!!! Sohee did well on the encore stage today

4. Wonbin’s abilities are all good, I’m about to become a fan…

5. It’s much better than yesterday

6. Maybe they were so nervous yesterday but today they did well..

7. It seems they did much better than yesterday

8. Wonbin is amazing. ​Why does he sing so well?

9. Sohee and Wonbin did well. But the remaining members seem to have somewhat vague skills

10. Only two members are good, the other members are below average

11. Sohee is definitely different from yesterday

12. Wonbin is so good

13. The number of comments is different from yesterday. Is it because there is no controversy?

14. Our Sohee is the best

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