K-netizens react to the 200 bodyguards protecting Seventeen The8 at the event in China today

Male idol who has 200 bodyguards today

Seventeen The8 = Myungho

It is a Chinese event

I post these pictures because it’s so funny

The reason why there are 200 security guards

1. Well, he’s f*cking popular in China

2. Is there anyone named The8 in Seventeen?

3. Because this is a Chinese event, I understand

4. I thought he was Korean because of his name

5. Huh..? Is he Chinese?

6. He’s a member of Seventeen and he’s from China, so I understand. I thought you were talking about another rookie group in Korea

7. I know The8 is a famous member of Seventeen in China

8. I understood it after looking at the photo

9. Seventeen has a member named The8 and he is so famous in China, and his Korean name is Myungho

10. Is he a Chinese member?

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