K-netizens react to the post saying that Lisa doesn’t care at all about Korea and and only targets foreign markets

Lisa seems to be completely targeting the foreign market

If you look at the fact that the new song will be released at 9am on Friday, she doesn’t care at all about Korea but the song will be released in a time slot that is fully reflected on Spotify

1. Doesn’t she appear on music shows?

2. The song is fully reflected on Spotify at 1pm, right?

-> No, it is fully reflected at 9am. Last time, (G)I-DLE also released their American single at 9am

3. I’m really looking forward to her song because it’s lame Lisa, please dance well

4. I’m looking forward to it

5. Lisa signed a contract with an American record label

6. If I were her, I would also target the foreign market

7. There is no reason to release solo song based on the Korean market

8. For Lisa, Korea is also a foreign market

9. Korea is so small to Lisa

10. She’s not even Korean?

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