K-netizens react to TWICE Nayeon ‘ABCD’ MV


2nd mini album ‘NA’

Title song ‘ABCD’

1. Wow, she’s really good. I never thought TWICE’s Nayeon would go solo with a song like this, but it suits her so well!!!

2. The song is so good… I think the song will be even better when I watch it on stage

3. Does her makeup method change? Her face looked different from when she promoted with TWICE

4. She is a hot girl

5. As expected, the songs in the album are so good

6. Something that reminds me of Chungha

7. I’m sure she will do better as a solo artist, she is amazing

8. I felt that the MV did not show Nayeon’s attraction but I was looking forward to the performance because of the choreography and the song

9. I like the chorus

10. I’m not sure, but I think foreign fans will like it …

11. The song is good but the music video makes the listener distract

12. I like this song, I support Nayeon

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