K-netizens’ reaction to Bang Si Hyuk posting a photo with BTS Jin on Instagram

Bang Si Hyuk’s Instagram update

1. Why was Bang Si Hyuk able to lose so much weight?

2. Are you happy?

3. Wow Jin is so handsome

4. Seokjin is so handsome

5. This is not the time for you to be like that

6. He always uses BTS as a shield for the company’s controversies. Normally, the company will defend artists against their controversies. But at HYBE, the artists are responsible for resolving the company’s controversies

7. Jin looks so handsome with hair like that

8. But Bang Si Hyuk, why is he always frowning?

9. Bang is also losing weight so I should lose weight too

10. No, but even though Jin has messy hair, his beauty still stands out

11. But meanwhile, Kim Seokjin’s shoulders… His shoulders seemed to have become broader

12. If you have a conscience, please leave HYBE

13. I feel sorry for Bangtan

14. Hul Kim Seokjin is so handsome

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