K-netizens’ reactions to Hyuna and Yong Jun Hyung getting married on October 11

[Exclusive] The birth of the first global K-pop star couple… Hyuna and Yong Jun Hyung will get married on October 11

According to YTN’s exclusive report today, Hyuna and Yong Jun Hyung will get married somewhere in Seoul on October 11

1. What kind of global is this?

2. Today is April Fool’s Day, right?

3. Hyuna, please wake up

4. Recently, watching videos of Hyuna appearing at festivals, her performances all seem dull and lifeless. I’m worried whether she’s really physically and mentally stable. When she was dating Dawn, she was still a bubbly person

5. Oh, it’s your choice, so don’t complain about your married life on a marriage/parenting show

6. I don’t care if they get married or not but I hope they don’t appear on TV

7. I think they’ll get married and appear on a couples variety show…

8. I just feel sorry for the fans

9. Be happy

10. Congratulations. I hope Hyuna is really happy now

11. Don’t get divorced and be happy

12. Is she pregnant?

13. I never thought they would get married…

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