K-netizens’ reactions to SM taking legal action against Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin

SM rejects Chenbaekxi’s statement: “This is just pursuing personal interests and manipulating public opinion… We will hold them responsible before the law”

1. If only they knew that it was good to debut under SM

2. I’m a fan of EXO but I support SM

3. Chen-ah, SM accepts marriage and other things as part of EXO so you really think that you’re famous and do what you want, right?

4. Anyone can say that the people trying to protect EXO are SM, Chenbaekxi, seriously, you guys are so bad…

5. Chenbaekxi, please leave EXO

6. SM, please sue them!! Let’s take away all trademark rights and tell them not to use any songs~

7. Because of Chenbaekxi, EXO ended

8. Wow, SM must have been so angry

9. Those three people don’t even care about the remaining EXO members

10. EXO has ended

11. I support SM

12. SM is trying to protect the fandom… because they want to protect EXO

13. I support SM, Chenbaekxi really has no conscience

14. If I were another member, I really want to hit the three of them

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