K-netizens’ reactions to the final 7 members of girl group IZNA from Mnet ‘I-Land 2’

The final 6 members of the girl group from Mnet ‘I-Land 2’ which was produced by Teddy and debuted under WakeOne +) 1 additional member was announced during the live broadcast

1 Choi Jung Eun 2007

2 Bang Jee Min 2005

3 Yoon Ji Yoon 2005

4 Koko 2006

5 Ryu Sa Rang 2007

6 Mai 2004 (Producer’s pick)

During the live broadcast, an additional announcement was made, bringing a total of 7 members to debut

7 Jung Sae Bi 2008 (Producer’s pick)

1. From the group name, it seems like they are targeting Japan

2. They all look like cats, I think they would be so close to Teddy

3. Some of them seem really talented

4. Of all the profile photos I’ve ever seen, these are the worst

5. The photo below is much better than the profile photo

6. I’m happy that all my picks debuted

7. The kids are all so tall, pretty and talented.. IZNA has a lot of work to do

8. Is this program popular? I didn’t even know about I-Land 2

9. To those who say bad things about their appearance, look in the mirror

10. I’m glad that Sa Rang debuted ㅜㅜ!!

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