K-netizens realized that BLACKPINK has more passion for music than they thought

I thought BLACKPINK members were not very interested in musical activities

It seems like they have a passion for music..

1. It’s because you only look at their activities that are related to fashion

2. The members have a lot of passion for music, it’s because YG doesn’t have many musical activities

3. On the contrary, don’t YG idols all have a long average training period and show a passion for music? YG itself is a company that is very proud of its music

4. Because YG doesn’t give them many musical activities

5. Just look at Jennie and Rosé preparing for their solos, they are working so hard

6. Seriously, the number of songs is too low… Please release new songs quickly

7. That’s because the company is YG. Now they have left YG and they will release a lot of songs

8. What are you talking about?

9. BLACKPINK’s music quality is always good, this shows that they are so passionate about music

10. BLACKPINK members are working hard after leaving YG.. I think it’s because of YG

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