K-netizens say it’s ridiculous to keep denying that BTS didn’t pave the way in the US

Seriously, it’s ridiculous to say that BTS didn’t pave the way in the US

BTS paved the way, but it’s ridiculous that they denied it on Twitterㅋㅋㅋ After BTS, they could easily do North American tours, participate in talk shows abroad, and appear on Billboard, all thanks to BTS. Why do they deny it? If we look at K-pop before 2017, shouldn’t we bow to BTS? But why do those fandoms only deny and curse at BTS?ㅋㅋㅋ

[+709, -150]

1. [+223, -15] K-pop seniors and juniors all say that BTS paved the way, but only their fans deny it

2. [+167, -7] Psy, the first Korean singer to enter the Billboard Hot 100, also admitted and praised BTS

3. [+155, -5] TWICE Jihyo also gave an interview and thanked BTS for opening the door and giving them the opportunity to be known

4. [+150, -8] If BTS didn’t pave the way then it was Wonder Girls, not their idols, and Sunmi also said that BTS paved the way in the US

5. [+39, -1] Isn’t BTS the first Korean singer to rank No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100? I don’t know why they keep denying it

6. [+35, -0] BTS fans do not deny that BoA or TVXQ entered the Japanese market. The truth is that BTS entered the US market but they did not want to admit it, so until now they still curse at BTS, which is ridiculous

7. [+33, -1] BTS is the one who brought K-pop to the world

8. [+19, -2] Honestly, English lyrics have now become the norm because BTS sings in English. Since BTS is successful, they are trying to increase the number of foreign fans with English lyrics

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