K-netizens say that NewJeans receives a lot of negative comments abroad about the conflict between HYBE and Min Heejin because there are many ARMYs abroad

Why is the image of NewJeans different between foreign and domestic?

Because there are a lot of negative opinions abroad about this incident. Why is foreign public opinion different from domestic public opinion?

1. They must be ARMYs abroad

2. Because there are a lot of ARMYs abroad

3. They made it up and spread it. But aside from that group’s fans, the reactions abroad are also good

4. Because they don’t know Korean. Meanwhile, there are 10,000 people fabricating and spreading them

5. Abroad, they even fabricated the verdict

6. Bang Si Hyuk = HYBE = BTS = ARMY. You can look at it like this

7. Foreigners translate articles that are biased towards one side

8. It’s just that they’re famous so there are a lot of people criticizing them

9. Just think about the situation in the country 3 days before the press conference

10. NewJeans has a lot of haters abroad

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