K-netizens say that TWS is better than RIIZE after watching their live encore stage on The Show today

TWS ‘If I’m S, Can You Be My N?’ won 1st place on The Show today, live encore stage + Thoughts



1. Even though they are rookies, they always perform live so well. People who criticize them for not being able to perform live are haters

2. This was the best live performance I’ve seen recently

3. I think they are the best among 4th and 5th generation male idols

4. I love this song so much

5. Among the 5th generation male idols, this group seems to have the best skills

6. The members all have good voices

7. These idols are good at performing live

8. They did better than I thought

9. They are better than RIIZE

10. Dohoon? This guy is amazing. He looks handsome and sings well

11. I’m curious about Pledis’ vocal training. It seems like there are a lot of members with good vocal skills

12. Shinyu and Dohoon are handsome guys and they are also good at performing live

13. They dance well and sing so well

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