K-netizens were shocked when they saw Hwasa’s body

Hwasa’s body is better than I thought

I don’t know because I only listen to her songs, but now I see her, her body is similar to a Westerner’s body… This is not a body created by exercise without plastic surgery

Hwasa’s height is 160 cmㄷㄷㄷ Her proportions are amazing..

If Hwasa promotes in the US, she will definitely create a buzz

1. The line of the pelvis and legs is Western style

2. Even if you exercise, you can’t get that body, but looking at her makes me want to exercise

3. She looks like a barbie doll, daebak

4. Hul I’m so jealous

5. I’m really jealous of the body she had when she was born ㅜ

6. I recently saw her in person, she’s really toned and skinny… and she’s so pretty

7. Her lower body is natural…..I’m so jealous

8. I went to the concert and she had a very skinny and pretty body..

9. Her lower body is no joke… I’m surprised because she’s shorter than I thought

10. Her upper body is slim and healthy but her lower body is so sexy and she even has beautiful legs

11. I’m jealous of her beautiful and rare body

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