K-netizens wonder why ARMYs are siding with Bang Si Hyuk

Why do ARMYs side with Bang Si Hyuk??

I’m really curious about the reason

Why are they like that?

Bangtan = Not Bang Si Hyuk

1. Isn’t this the same as NewJeans fans siding with Min Heejin?

2. BTS fans hate Bang Si Hyuk more than anyone else

3. The company that BTS founded… They don’t like what the company is doing, but I guess they’re heartbroken that it’s about to collapse…

4. The size of the fandom is so large that there are a lot of weird kids

5. I think foreign fans are like this because they don’t understand, but are there any Korean ARMYs who actually support Bang Si Hyuk??

6. Bang Si Hyuk? I hate him so much

7. It’s impossible for BTS and Bang Si Hyuk to have a bad relationship so there’s no reason for fans to hate him

-> That’s not the reason for them to attack Min Heejin and NewJeans

8. I wonder if Bangtan = HYBE = Bang Si Hyuk

9. This is the first time I’ve seen a fandom care so much about their company

10. It seems like HYBE has a lot of fans

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