K-pop boy group’s world tour who has more foreign fans than domestic fans

It’s a group called ATEEZ, and I heard that they have more foreign fans than domestic fans. I thought that was all, but the scale of this year’s world tour was a bit bigger than I expected so I posted this

French concert

American concert

German concert

1. I remember hearing the name of this group for the first time when I attended an event in 2019, and I remember being surprised because all the foreigners around me were fans of this group

2. If you look at the groups with exceptionally good reactions from continents other than Asia, they all have one thing in common: difficult stages, difficult songs, difficult concepts and they sing live well

3. I like ATEEZ’s songs

4. They are so good on stage. When I watched their performance for the first time, I thought they resembled Mamamoo

5. They are popular, have many talents, dance well and sing well

6. If you look at YouTube, you can definitely feel that they have a lot of foreign fans

7. Idols who are good at performing live are so popular overseas. I also watched their performance on Kingdom!

8. They do well on stage, every time I watch an award ceremony or a music show, they always do well

9. ATEEZ’s songs are so good

10. If you perform well, you will be recognized abroad first

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