‘K-Pop Global Map 2022’ Who is the most popular artist?

‘K-Pop Global Map 2022’ has been released.. Who is the most popular artist?

The most popular artist is BTS, accounting for 18.7%.

BLACKPINK with 11.3%, TWICE with 5.8% and Lisa with 3.7% from 2nd to 4th place respectively

Stray Kids, ITZY, Seventeen, Aespa, Psy, and IU ranked in the top 10

1. Wow Kingtan

2. Wow Lisa is daebakㅋㅋㅋ

3. Aespa is growing well

4. TWICE is so popular in Japan

5. Kingtan is amazing

6. TWICE is overwhelming in Japan

7. They’re the mainstays of K-Pop, let’s enjoy instead of arguing with each other

8. As expected, BLACKPINK and Lisa are daebak


10. As expected, BTS is the most popular artist

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