Kang Daniel, Jisoo nominated, netizens are disappointed with Seoul Drama Awards 2022

Current situation with votes on Seoul Drama Awards 2022

Kpop Idol acting award

Best actor in hallyu series

Best Korean actress in hallyu series

OST award

It will be conducted until 23:59 on August 31

These awards are 100% given based on votes!!

1. What is ‘Idol acting award’?

2. The first lineup is so bad

3. ???? What is the award that can be bought with money..? I can understand if it’s a Popularity Award;

4. Did Kang Daniel film a drama?

5. It is a popular award..? There are a lot of kids who can’t even act

6. Are they buying acting awards with money?

7. Jisoo? This is ridiculous

8. If you vote, it must be a popular award

9. I bet even idols who get this award feel embarrassed

10. It’s not an acting award, it’s a popularity award

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