Karina: “Honestly, other K-pop groups fight a lot and don’t work well together.”

1. I guess she heard that from the people around her.. But please be careful with what you say ㅜㅜ

2. No, I know you have a good relationship with your group, but why are you talking about other groups?

3. Honestly, how does she know what’s going on in other groups?… Isn’t that her insulting other K-pop groups?? They work in the same industry, she shouldn’t have said that

4. I just think this is the basics of social life, don’t go around talking about other people, especially bad things, if you want to talk, just talk about yourself

5. Are you talking about the 4th generation groups that you most often see on music shows these days??

6. Why is she talking about other K-pop groups?

7. What the hell is it? Is she crazy?

8. Maybe she needs to learn to be humble

9. She is attacking other groups to increase her status

10. I only know Karina’s face, but I don’t know her personality, but this is exactly the type of personality she has.. I’m so disappointed with her

11. I think she needs to change the way she talks

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