Karina looks like Tomie with her bangs

Karina who looked like Tomie today (+bangs)

Karina without bangs on the same day

After applying the black and white filter, she looks more like Tomie

Tomie for reference

1. I think I can understand why people are crazy about Tomie

2. She was so pretty without bangs, so I thought if she had bangs, her charm would decrease, but… she’s just pretty and crazy ㅜㅜ

3. Because she has bangs, she really looks like Tomie, she’s cute and crazy

4. Wow, she really looks like Tomie, so pretty

5. I don’t know what Tomie is, but she’s so pretty

6. She’s pretty, her bangs really suit her

7. I think she’s prettier without bangs

8. Well, I don’t think she’s human. How can she be so pretty?

9. Well, I think she looks the most like Tomie among female idols….. She’s so pretty

10. Her hair suits her so well

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