Karina who cut her hair at shoulder length

Looks like she cut her hair short because her hair was damaged after bleaching, but I want to see her with short hair dyed brown!!!!!

1. Seriously, she’s so pretty… I think she’s the prettiest with this hairstyle

2. She looks like Winter

3. Karina is so pretty, she’ll be pretty even if she shaves her head

4. I thought it was Taeyeon

5. No, how can she be so pretty? I think she’s the prettiest

6. I can see both Winter and Taeyeonㅋㅋ F*cking pretty

7. She looks like Winter, seriously

8. She looks especially like Winter today

9. I can see Taeyeon and I can see Winter too. Anyway, she’s f*cking pretty..

10. Short hair suits her so well

11. I never thought she looked like Winter, but after seeing these pictures, I think she looks like Winter

12. I think Karina looks more like Taeyeon than Winter

13. I want to see her perform on stage with that hair

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