Kim Chaewon appeared with brown hair at LE SSERAFIM’s concert today

1. Since she has brown hair, it reminds me of her in IZ*ONE

2. Brown hair is much prettier ㅜㅜ So pretty

3. Looking at her like this, brown hair looks so much better

4. She looks like Winter

5. She was so pretty today

6. Brown hair suits her better than black hair

7. Chaewon looks so good with brown hair

8. Personally, I prefer black hair, but brown hair is also pretty

9. She’s so cute and pretty

10. Wow I’m not the only one seeing Winter

11. I thought it was Winter

12. Brown hair suits her so well

13. She’s pretty, but I prefer black hair

14. Hul, it reminds me of her in IZ*ONE

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