Kim Garam to take temporary hiatus, LE SSERAFIM promotes as 5 members

Source Music announced that Kim Garam will be taking a temporary hiatus from LE SSERAFIM’s promotions

1. Let’s boycott LE SSERAFIM until Kim Garam leaves the group

2. What’s the real reason they can’t let her leave the group?

3. I think she’ll do what Stray Kids’ Hyunjin did

4. Is she Bang Si Hyuk’s daughter? Or is she the daughter of the director of KBS? I really do not understand

5. What is the relationship between Kim Garam and HYBE? At this point, if she has a conscience, she should leave the group

6. I will continue to boycott LE SSERAFIM until she leaves the group and issues an apology. They really treat the public like pigs… No, looking at the charts, I think it’s trueㅋㅋㅋ

7. She is pretending to be the victim until the end

8. As expected, Bang Si Hyuk and Park Jinyoung are the same

9. Are there any relatives of Kim Garam in HYBE?

10. Whether Kim Garam leaves the group or not, the group’s image is ruined

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