Kim Junsu and Lovelyz Kei are dating

Kim Junsu ♥ Lovelyz Kei, fell in love… 8 years gap relationship

Singer and musical actor Kim Junsu (35 years old) and Lovelyz girl group member Kei (real name Kim Jiyeon, 27 years old) are dating

1. Why did they post the article about dating without proof?

2. Suddenly?

3. It’s amazing that they are only 8 years apart

4. What? Suddenly? But the age difference is not as big as I thought

5. Do they admit it? Or is it just a rumour?

6. No, they don’t have any pictures.. What do you believe when you see this?

7. I don’t know if it’s true, but they look so good together!

8. I wish they would stop talking about dating rumors unless they make an official announcement

9. They don’t have any pictures and I think they will deny it

10. I think they have the same face

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