Kim Sae Ron finally spoke up about her picture with Kim Soo Hyun

[Exclusive] Kim Sae Ron “I really thought hard to myself”… Please respect her silence

During the second phone call with My Daily on the 27th, Kim Sae Ron said, “I really thought hard to myself and I feel that it would help me to be silent. I will not be making a statement and will no longer comment.”

1. What is she talking about? Shut up, damn. What is this?

2. How did the kid grow up like that?

3. Seriously, she just posted that picture to get attention

4. Oh my god, how did she become like this? I guess being famous so early was toxic for her

5. I think she feels great that she is receiving attention from the public at this time

6. All she had to do was apologize for uploading it incorrectly, but why is she acting like that?

7. What is she saying? Why was she silent when she should have spoken up about what she did? Why are so many people so irresponsible these days?

8. Does Kim Sae Ron have an agency?

9. When she was young, I watched the drama and thought “she’s good at acting and pretty, I hope she does well”… But why did she end up ruined like this?

10. I really feel sorry for Kim Soo Hyun

11. Why did she do this? Seriously, leave Kim Soo Hyun alone

12. What is Kim Soo Hyun’s crime?

13. Why did she do this to Kim Soo Hyun?

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