Kim Sae Ron posted an intimate picture with Kim Soo Hyun on Instagram and then immediately deleted it

A picture that was just posted on Kim Sae Ron’s Instagram but was quickly deleted

1. The drama is currently airing and the timing is perfect

2. Wow, it reminds me of IU and Eunhyuk, back then IU posted it too

3. Is this really a picture that could be taken with a close friend?

4. Wow, it really reminds me of IU

5. Kim Soo Hyun could have done better

6. SNS is so bad… We are forced to know about the private lives of celebrities that we don’t even want to know…

7. Wow Kim Sae Ron is the worst

8. What is Kim Soo Hyun’s expression? I’m a bit disappointed

9. I wish he would deny it quickly. I enjoyed watching the drama, but it lost my interest

10. ????????????!!? Isn’t the age difference huge??!

11. His expression reminds me of Eunhyuk

12. Why did she post this picture on Instagram…????

13. I think they are just close friends, not that they are dating

14. I should only watch Kim Soo Hyun in dramas

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