Kim Sae Ron’s acquaintance reveals the inside story of her dating rumor with Kim Soo Hyun

[Exclusive] ‘Dating rumor’ Kim Sae Ron’s acquaintance reveals inside story, “It’s a complicated reason that I can’t say”

A close acquaintance of Kim Sae Ron told Star News on the 25th, “Kim Sae Ron is in a very difficult state mentally. It seems like there is a complicated story that she can’t tell.”

This acquaintance was so close to Kim Sae Ron that she even revealed her deepest thoughts. In fact, Kim Sae Ron is reflecting with her acquaintances, confiding in them everything from her choice of job to the details needed to transform her image

1. Looking at her actions up to now, it seems like she has lost her mind

2. The problem is her drinking… She can’t seem to control herself for one reason or another

3. Wow, honestly I’m not curious at all

4. I feel sorry for Kim Soo Hyun

5. They always interview her acquaintancesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why did Kim Sae Ron’s image turn out like this…ㅠ

6. I feel sorry for Kim Soo Hyun… This is why you shouldn’t get close to anyone carelessly…

7. I’m really not curious, so shut up

8. What do you talking about?

9. Is something serious going on? What was her reason for posting the picture?

10. No, I’m not surprised even if they are dating, I feel sorry for Kim Soo Hyun

11. Why did you post a picture and you can’t even tell me the reason?;;

12. Does she really have any grudge against her old company?

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