Kim Soo Hyun received 5 billion won for appearing in 16 episodes of ‘Queen of Tears’

Kim Soo Hyun received 5 billion won for appearing in 16 episodes of ‘Queen of Tears’

According to media reports on the 26th, Kim Soo Hyun negotiated a fee of 5 billion won for ‘Queen of Tears’, which includes a total of 16 episodes. The amount is about more than 300 million won for each episode

1. No, how many articles are there about Kim Soo Hyun’s appearance fees? What did you do wrong to the reporter? Soo Hyun???

2. Isn’t Kim Soo Hyun the top male actor in Korea?

3. What do you hate about Kim Soo Hyun? Even though I’m not a fan, I see a lot of posts related to his appearance fees, and it seems like he’s always criticized for unclear posts

4. 300 million won? I’m really curious, why is Kim Soo Hyun paid so much? What is the reason?

5. But why did reporters do this to Kim Soo Hyun?

6. 5 billion won to film a drama, daebak.. That’s an amount of money that no one can earn in a lifetime

7. Is it true that he received 500 million won per episode for his previous work?

8. Why do you keep doing this to Kim Soo Hyun???

9. If you act in a drama, you’ll get 5 billion won, f*ck

10. I’m so jealous of him

11. Wow, actors make a lot of money, they make billions of dollars for just one project

12. Wow, he really gets paid a lot… As expected, celebrities are the best

13. They must be in the top 1% of the entertainment industry to earn that amount of money

14. There are quite a few actors who earn 300 million won per episode and Kim Soo Hyun is at the top of the industry, so why is there such a fuss?

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