Kim Soo Hyun’s side denied the dating rumors and said that they still don’t understand Kim Sae Ron’s intentions

Kim Soo Hyun’s side said, “The dating rumors are not true, we still don’t understand Kim Sae Ron’s intentions.” [Official statement]

1. Let’s hear Kim Sae Ron’s opinion

2. Kim Sae Ron should also express her opinion

3. It’s almost like the Chinese truck protest disaster

4. I guess they couldn’t contact Kim Sae Ron. Why did she throw stones like that?

5. What was the real purpose of posting that picture?

6. If they aren’t in a relationship right now then who is she bashing?.. Why did she post that picture?

7. Honestly, I don’t understand what Kim Sae Ron is saying, what the hell is she planning on posting a picture like that? She has been ridiculed since morning. I wish she would get sued

8. What is she really doing and why is she like that?;;;; Even Kim Soo Hyun would feel embarrassed

9. It’s true that they’re not dating

10. Well, it’s a picture from the past

11. So everyone is curious about her intentions… Why did she post it now?

12. Wasn’t Kim Sae Ron also under that company before? They couldn’t even contact her

13. Kim Soo Hyun doesn’t need to reveal when, why and where the picture was taken, all they have to do is explain the current situation

14. Kim Sae Ron used to work at Kim Soo Hyun’s company, but she couldn’t renew her contract after her scandal

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