Kim Yuna and BLACKPINK Jisoo attend the Dior Beauty pop-up store event

Kim Yuna – BLACKPINK Jisoo two-shot

They attend the Dior Beauty pop-up store event

1. The two of them have different charms~ Anyway, they’re so pretty~

2. Yuna is seriously pretty, she’s so white

3. When will the high definition pictures of Yuna be released? She’s so pretty

4. Since Jisoo is next to Kim Yuna, Jisoo looks normal… I don’t care if Jisoo causes controversy, but Yuna’s visuals are overwhelming… Kim Yuna is perfect for Dior

5. Wow Kim Yuna is amazing.. I can only see Kim Yuna

6. Jisoo’s face size is insane. Kim Yuna’s face is small too

7. Jisoo is so f*cking pretty

8. Honestly, the two of them are so pretty, but why didn’t you guys mention this in the comments? Why are you guys only talking about Yuna?

9. Jisoo’s face is so small, she’s pretty too

10. Yuna’s aura is crazy… The pride of our country ㅠㅠ

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