Knetz discuss BTS’ V facial features from his early debut to now

V’s chin was really really short and his face really small.

Baby Taehyung used to have a big nose, big eyes, and a big mouth. As you grow up, the facial skeleton is captured and you can naturally digest your facial features.

Anyway, both are paradise

1. That face and gentle personality are both legends

2. At first, I thought he was a middle schooler because he was too much of a baby

3. One of the reasons why Bangtan is still popular is because his charms are so diverse that I don’t get tired of them

4. V has really grown up so well, I actually like him even more right now

5. All black suits him so well

6. It seems that the V gene should be frozen and cloned when human cloning is possible in the future

7. He’s still cute and getting handsome everyday

8. He grew up so well

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meow meow

i forget how young he was when they debuted he’s always been so cute he rly grew up well

But I wasn’t done…

Baby was always handsome and he gets more lethal every year. First and last of his kind. Idol of idols

Now the Tae antis will be showing up in 3… 2…

Dot Com

I know Big Hit did back flips when they found baby Tae. Don’t take much to know he would be a superstar.


I hope they realize that he’s more than handsome face when he drops his solo


Just came back from the other Tae post…

wasn’t your ass one of the people saying Tae was just a face and not talent? That’s rhetorical… of course it was you.

The switch up was nasty.


His progression as an idol has been so interesting. Really for all the bts boys they went from idols to artist and that’s a transition you hardly ever see from the kpop world.

Lazy Banana

He was so handsome, BH hid him in the basement so other agencies can’t poach him.


So if big hit thought Tae was so much of a visual and talent that needed to be hidden then why didn’t they give him any positions in the group. Not even visual? That story never sat right with me.


Our beloved love taetae has grown so well 🥺

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