Knetz react to V eating ramen noodles as late-night snack in Jinny’s Kitchen

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After Seojin’s work, everyone had dinner on a tiring night. V, who had pain in his feet and calves tried stretching while lying on top of a massage ball, and he suddenly had a craving for ramen.

1. Pretty face, pretty actions, pretty words

2. Even if he is swollen, he looks good

3. This is the first time I’ve seen him on TV, but he’s so different from what I thought, he’s so handsome

4. Looking at V’s face full of emotion on the big screen? He’s handsome

5. The more I see Taehyung, the cuter he gets

6. Why is V’s skin so good?

7. Also, antis are flooding the comments below hahaha they really have a lot of interest in V hahaha I guess he can’t help it

8. I’m not a fan of Bangtan, but this season, casting V seems to be a godsend, so it’s very fun haha

9. I know that Taehyung doesn’t communicate, but please, if it’s a personal complaint team, I’d like him to sue and leave Big Hit

10. His actions and the way of speaking are really cute

11. A pretty boy can do pretty things, but his face and way of speaking are so pretty and cute

12. V’s skin is also very surprising. Even though there is no lighting, the skin looks very smooth and dense

13. I’m so so envious of his smooth skin

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Haters camping out in this post in 3,2,1…

Seungri reformed

He washed the dishes and they gave him food 🙂 kitchen cockroach hhhhh


Tae’s beautiful heart is reflected in his actions and his beautiful face 🥺💜


Our Tae is so cute as always 😭


Human Leech


Jikook teese


What is the use of having such a pretty face when he is rude to his fans?
He is only beautiful on the outside


Who are you to complain lmao…. when his actual fans don’t hv any prblm??? And he was never rude. Cut the bullshit u rotten egg

Last edited 20 days ago by Naysayer

When he has been rude to fans tho?? He’s the one who’s always there for armys lol. It seems like you’re the one camping on pann following antis useless narratives about him




Another post about his goodlooks…Pretty face is the only thing he has to offer 😭

Last edited 20 days ago by OUwUo

He has a lot of to offer. He’s the most popular idol for a reason and it seems you’re also obsessed with him since you’re always camping under his posts

Truth speaker

How does he eat so much and still be underweight? He weighs around 63kg While JK who is the same height weighs around 72Kg.
Does V throw up his food after eating? I’m concerned. I’ve seen him on Pro-anoriexia pages too recently.


Idk ask that to jk who’s the only one admitting to starve himself to lose weight

Miss Mochi

Tae has fast metabolism. Members have always mentioned that he doesn’t gain weight easily. It’s very normal


Fast metabolism. Taehyung rarely diets.


Well, people have been bodyshaming him a lot on social media and call him fat when he’s actually total the apposite to the point he goes now on a diet every two weeks and still you complain about his body


But Taehyung hates diets lol he only doing it when theres project coming


Comment 7 so true, even antis are obsessed with him. Truly a king

McDonald's Adult Cream Pie

So unhealthy. As a fan he should eat more, he look starving.


That’s what jk and jm do


Haters gonna hate but Taehyung is still rich, beautiful and successful 💅


I fear Taehyung is getting more popular by the day ten years into his career. Global it boy


7. Also, antis are flooding the comments below hahaha they really have a lot of interest in V hahaha I guess he can’t help it

It’s also the same right here. Everyone is obsessed with him whether fans or antis


“it’s a personal complaint team, I’d like him to sue and leave Big Hit” what’s this btch even talking about?? the mantis gotta do something useful with their obsessed self and get the help they need

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