Knetz Wonder if BTS’ V Will Appear in New Restaurant Show Series from Na PD

Previously, tvN also suggested Taehyung for a new season of the drama “Youn’s Kitchen”. If Park Seo-joon and Choi Woo-shik are in the process of tuning, I hope V comes out.

1. I wish you came

2. I think it would be great for him to appear on the show, but wouldn’t it be too crowded if there were rumors that there is a V in any country? I’d like to make a reservation in advance, but I haven’t seen Yoon’s Restaurant, so I don’t know what kind of system it is, but I’m a bit worried about the safety issue…

3. That would be good

4. I’m looking forward to this too. Everyone wants to start individual activities so there is a possibility

5. Oh I wish it was true

6. The opposite number is terrifying ㅋㅋ Are you afraid of V coming out?

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doesn’t need to tell others about your life

But I wasn’t done…

I’m confused


Any times I can see him on screen is a good time for me.


he definitely will show up in one of Na PD’s program (since he has that coupon he got from dalbang), but I don’t think it’s Youn’s kitchen, wouldn’t it be too crowded if he appeared as a new part timer there?


Whether on his own or with others, it’d be fun to see him there or on any program, really.

Maple Puddin

Booked and busy


just let him walk on street,sit at a cafe,or just talk anything & record it.just watching him heals.


I hope he gets more solo activities so people can see how cringey he is without the rest of BTS covering for his arrogance and weird overused tata mic face. Go, Taehyung!

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