Korail employee caught stealing BTS RM’s personal information

1. It’s like when an airline employee reveals flight information to a sasaengㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. Looks like that employee even brags to the people around

3. This is scary… I don’t think that employee only told the friend the seat information

4. RM’s personal information was illegally accessed 18 times in 3 years.. Crazy

5. Is that employee crazy?

6. HYBE should sue that employee

7. If it’s not a stalker, what is it?

8. It gave me goosebumps, that employee should be fired and sued

9. Can this be explained by curiosity???????????? It’s so scrary

10. There are airline employees selling celebrity ticket information, but why isn’t it on the news?

11. What that employee is doing is really scary. That employee should be punished

12. That employee should be punished and fired

13. I got goosebumps

14. I’m afraid of people like that

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man what the hell


Me when I see uncle Jungkooks old face 😂


uncle Jungkook ? oh you must be 10, why are you a child on this gossip blog ? don’t you have maths homework to settle ?


The concerts of those four mediocre ones must be getting worse and worse for you to spend the day here trying to say stupid things about Jungkook and failing every time, just like your favs.


still better than lisa’s old face 💩


are you calling your mid faves “hags” too? because he literally is younger than all of them


coming to every bts posts btch you’re a fan


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the fact that this is an common thing for idols is actually crazy why would you mess around with someone’s personal information


Tf!? Can no one give BTS basic respect and common courtesy, esp over their private lives? And this coming out so soon after that scandal of a temple revealing his private conversations to the press.


10. There are airline employees selling celebrity ticket information, but why isn’t it on the news?

That’s what u care about u fckn loser ? Ur irrelevant faves? Rm’s address , phone number and other personal information been leaked for 3 years and all u care about is why not others on news ?

Yall are out of ur fckn mind


I wish this bitch the worst luck in her life , she deserves to be cursed for three years

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I know this happens almost every where but in Korea it’s fucked up. they don’t treat idols like human at all

Ur ugly

Hybe be good for once and sue this bitch for the sake of human


First the temple now this , I would have trust issues if it was me , I don’t even love him , but that’s not normal at all
Hope he’s OK


Temple? Was it the one that jungkooks scammer girlfriend built?


that scammer living in your mind rent free, you must have trouble sleeping because of her .


Hmm.. I think jungkooks the one having trouble sleeping because of her.


He doesnt care abt you. Cry all you want but he will never care. He doesnt care abt his ig acc that have 50m followers bcuz he knows he will remain successful. And his fans will never leave fandom just because he’s dating lol

White cat

He rich and attractive. Have a successful career. He sleeping fine.


Leaking of PII should be taken more seriously in korea but its weird that its not. Is it bc they think celebrities deserve to have their personal infobleaked bc of theirbstatus? Some koreans really think like this. The employee was suspended for 3 months…..suspended!!?? She should be fired and charges pressed against her. 19 times!? Is not a mistake


Is suspending even a punishment ? It’s like giving her some rest after doing something good when she should be in jail or at least paying thousands of dollars


Fake nobody knows him 🤣


you know him 😚


I miss grandpa Jungloo 🤣 I hope he take shower


& do you shower? because you stink lol


I heard that farmer boy vflop got some nugu brand. Army were so proud of that dumb bicth 🤣


What’s up with you spamming the comments? Forgot to change accounts? 👀


Probably the same people who is using freeseungri acc lol


Kys quickly


focus on floppink


3 whole years of getting hold of Joon’s personal and private info… Nah, I need that bitch behind bars, actually.

I smell a scandal soon

South Koreans have no morals and are a security threat. Your biases included. Prisons not enough to scare these idiots cuz they can go back to their stupid lives

WhatsThe Point

They’re not safe in their own country, man I need joon and bh to sue that employee and the company. The employee is only suspended for such a serious issue, that’s not enough

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This is insane, he should go to prison! 


I feel so sorry for Joonie and the Tannies. I could never lead that life without at least one jail time sentence for beating a bitch selling my info

seungri is free

It would be better if he stole the rat monster away from us 🙂


hello BlinkPink

seungri is free

sorry u are wrong 🙂 do not torture yourself


focus on criminals seungri


me when I talk about Seungri…💩🖕


and this is the country they’re putting their careers on hold for 🫡


👏👏👏 say it louderrreer


If i were ‘A’s friend, i’d report them immediately after they brags about it. But seems like their friends are birds of a feather who flock together

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