Korean media criticized for saying that NewJeans broke the boundary between Korean culture and Japanese culture

“The boundary between Korea and Japan culture has been broken”… The magic of ‘Aoi Sangoshou’

Member Hanni performed solo on stage at the Tokyo Dome fanmeeting held last month.

Hanni wore a ‘marine’ outfit with short black hair, performing the song ‘Aoi Sangoshou’ by ‘Japanese national idol’ Seiko Matsuda, released in 1980.

Japanese fans were excited about the stage that reminded them of Japan’s golden age before the bubble economy collapsed.

Min Heejin, CEO of ADOR, said in a media interview that they want to bring freshness based on cultural respect.

Collaborations with Japanese arts and culture giants Takashi Murakami and Hiroshi Fujiwara also attracted great attention in both Korea and Japan.

Through that, NewJeans is considered to have not only significantly changed the conventional wisdom of the Korean and Japanese music worlds but also broken the boundaries between the two countries.

Based on NewJeans’ successful debut, the ‘4th Korean Wave’ fever in Japan is expected to grow even stronger.

1. What are they talking about?

2. Is it a good thing that the boundary between Korean and Japanese culture has been broken?;;

3. I’m not interested at all, but the title of the article makes me angry

4. Oh my god, I hate Min Heejin for recommending that song to Hanni

5. Why is it only Korean media making a fuss about this?

6. This is the same as when BoA was criticized about 20 years ago. They criticized BoA for spreading Japanese culture

7. Japan likes NewJeans, so why does Korea like Japanese culture?

8. Hanni did so well and everyone only cares about Hanni. The song is not good

9. What do you talking about? I hate Japanese culture

10. No matter how much yen NewJeans earn, J-pop is not popular in Korea.. It’s just that Hanni did so well

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