Korean media is saying that Karina chose Lee Jae Wook, not the fans after she admitted to dating rumors

“Karina chose Lee Jae Wook ♥, not the fans” Aespa’s new content was heavily criticized… received ‘mixed feelings from fans’

Aespa’s first video was released after Karina admitted her romantic relationship with actor Lee Jae Wook on the 27th

However, some fans were unhappy with the fact that this video was released not long after the dating rumors broke out. They said she doesn’t care about her fans and expressed disappointment when Karina admitted to her romantic relationship

1. In my opinion, reporters are the worst

2. Why did she choose Lee Jae Wook and not the fans?

3. No, I saw a lot of congratulatory comments saying they look good together, when did the atmosphere change like this???

4. It must have been a big shock because she was a famous member

5. It was SM’s fault, why did they admit it?

6. Can those people be considered fans? They just look like psychopaths

7. Anyway, I think the new album will sell well

8. There will be an article saying that they will break up soon

9. You blame the company, do you have a conscience? They don’t want to admit it most

10. I support Karina

11. There are a lot of weird kids in that fandom

12. I understand that fans are upset, but don’t cross the line

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