Korean media revealed the amount of money each STAYC member was paid in 2023

[Exclusive] STAYC receives second payment… Receiving about 200 million won per member for ‘Teddy Bear’ activities

STAYC was paid a total of 112 million won (about $83,000 USD) as a group from 2023’s January to December

Splitting the sum amongst the members, each member would have earned 171 million won (about $126,000 USD) in the entire year

1. I hope STAYC will last a long time

2. They said there was no way someone that age could make that much money.. Other idols make even more money

3. I’m so jealous of them

4. STAYC needs to make more money so please release the album quickly

5. It seems like it’s only a small amount of money compared to the effort they put in, let’s make a lot of money in the future

6. It’s less than I thought

7. I hope STAYC will do better

8. That’s before taxes, right?

9. I hope they make a comeback with another addictive song

10. I’m glad they got the money. I’m really looking forward to STAYC’s next album

11. They would get more if they went on tour

12. I hope STAYC will do better!! The song is good and everyone sings well

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