Korean netizens admit that Korea doesn’t deserve BTS

BTS is a big artist in the US

These are the most listened to singers in each US state, and BTS ranked #1 in two states

The lineup of singers is amazing too

Comments on Pann

“I really can’t feel the popularity of BTS the most in Korea..”

“BTS is just overwhelming…ㅋㅋㅋ”

“Korea is the only country that doesn’t respect the idols nominated at the 3 biggest awards ceremonies in the US and got #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. That’s why foreign ARMYs say that Korea doesn’t deserve BTS”

“Foreign ARMYs say that Korea doesn’t deserve BTS. They are right”

“There’s this one too”

“By the way, BTS is the only singer who has the logo there, but it stands out”

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WhatsThe Point

BTS always have worked 10x harder than those big3 artists yet they were never given the time of the day until armys supported them and blew them up from 2016 onwards.. they reached a popularity that can’t be ignored. Yet I see sk use BTS for malicious wants like those politicians playing duck duck goose with their military


Let’s be real over here. Even tho anyone claims some artist can surpass BTS after they enlist. You don’t have to be a fan of them to call out on such bulls. I am not a BTS fan but it’s literally impossible for any kpop grps gg or bg to surpass the level of BTS. Even tho mediaplays and claims can be done on magazine and news. The truth is truth. And the truth is BTS is absolutely unbeatable. Your faves really can’t surpass their numbers and influence.


Everyone knows that BTS paved the way and worked hard to get here. When did bts go global, korea started mediaplaying on BTS. Don’t act like you don’t know this ☺️


where is the original post of this…?




Korean licking west asses again. As if being popular among white is superior.

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