Korean netizens criticized ENHYPEN Niki for being jealous of having a day off on March 1st Independence Movement Day

ENHYPEN Niki, who is jealous of being off on March 1st

“Korea takes the day off tomorrow”

Niki: Is tomorrow a holiday?

“It’s March 1st Independence Movement Day, so we have the day off”

Niki: I’m envious

Posts and comments on Weverse

1. If you want to promote in Korea, I think he needs to take some history lessons

2. That’s what happens because you don’t know the history

3. If you plan to work in Korea, you need to know what day March 1 is

4. Don’t work in Korea anymore

5. Wow if you’re that envious, do you want to be forcibly annexed by another country like us?

6. I don’t know this group’s songs, I don’t know their faces, and I only saw them on Theqoo due to many controversies. What’s wrong with this group?

7. It’s because of your country

8. He might not understand the significance since he’s not Korean

9. You can make money in Korea without even knowing it’s March 1st

10. This is really crazy. A guy like this is making money in Korea??

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