Korean netizens react to BLACKPINK ‘Shut Down’ MV


1. The song is so good. I like this song better than Pink Venom

2. I want to listen to the version without sampling…

3. I think Pink Venom is better

4. They have recreated scenes from the music videos they have released so far. It’s better than BLACKPINK’s previous songs

5. Lisa and Jennie are good at rapping, but the feeling is still the same as the previous songsㅋㅋ I don’t feel anything new, I feel sorry

6. There are so many English lyrics that I can’t understand what they’re saying

7. It’s my favorite song among BLACKPINK’s songs

8. I’m a bit disappointed. This is the weirdest BLACKPINK song I’ve ever heard. They played with classical music and tried to create something new, but it wasn’t good

9. The song is boring, I like Pink Venom more

10. How is it different from BLACKPINK’s previous songs?

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