Korean netizens react to foreign fans’ reaction to ENHYPEN Niki’s apology

Foreign fans’ reaction to ENHYPEN Niki’s apology

They say that 99.9% of Koreans are so sensitive

1. If you don’t know about our country’s history, don’t become a K-pop idol

2. If you don’t know anything then stay still

3. If you’re not Korean, shut up

4. Because he’s a K-pop idol. Then he shouldn’t be a K-pop idol but should debut in Japan

5. They also have an aversion to Kpop idols who drink Coca Cola and drink Starbucksㅋㅋㅋ

6. Damn you idiots

7. I hate foreign fans and foreign members, their sense of history is so arbitrary

8. If you’re not Korean, you’re not qualified to mention this issue

9. I guess it’s because they are fans of that singer. Their intelligence levels are similar

10. If you’re not Korean, go away

11. I think someone needs to explain to them what day March 1 is

12. Because he’s Japanese, they are so stupid

13. There’s a reason why their popularity in Korea is the lowest, how can they gain fans?

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