Korean netizens react to Juyeon and Jennie’s dating rumors

Juyeon and Jennie’s dating rumors are out

Juyeon posted about the lyrics of Zion.T’s song Snow on Instagram on December 23, “Will it snow?”, and Jennie posted her cover of Snow on YouTube on December 24

The last picture of his post is a picture of a family of cats, with a heart drawn on it
Juyeon and Jennie are both cat types

Recently, Juyeon went to Daniel Caesar’s concert in Korea with Kevin and Jennie was also there

Recently, Juyeon just made friends with a group of models, one of whom is Jennie’s best friend. His name is Lee Joohyung
Lee Joohyung and Juyeon recently attended the Louis Vuitton event

I thought that his birthday event ended, but the next day, Juyeon received a cake and celebrated another birthday
Yesterday (January 15) Juyeon’s birthday
Today (January 16)Jennie’s birthday

In the picture that Juyeon posted, there were 2 cone hats, so did both of them celebrate their birthdays together?

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1. [+374, -143] Why would Jennie date him..?

2. [+270, -17] Oh, I really don’t think anyone will believe this

3. [+35, -17] But isn’t this Jennie’s first time dating someone younger than her?

4. [+32, -1] No, so what the hell is the evidence that they’re dating? I didn’t see any evidence when I scrolled down, so it’s funny…ㅋㅋ

5. [+18, -15] Kai, GD, V and now Juyeon

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