Korean netizens react to the winners of the first day of 2023 MAMA

Winners of the first day of 2023 MAMA

Daesang Worldwide Icon Of The Year: BTS

Worldwide Fan’s Choice: TXT, BTS, ZEROBASEONE, ENHYPEN, Lim Young Woong, ATEEZ, NCT Dream, Stray Kids, SEVENTEEN, TWICE

Favorite New Artist: RIIZE, ZEROBASEONE

Favorite Asian Male Group: INI

Favorite Asian Female Group: Kep1er

Favorite National Artist: Yoshiki

Galaxy Neo Flip Artist: TREASURE

Bibigo Culture & Style: Street Woman Fighter 2

Inspiring Achievement: TVXQ

1. The award names are so funny

2. What are the award names??

3. It seems like all the main awards are given out on day 2

4. What the hell is Galaxy Neo Flip Artist…?

5. What kind of award is this?

6. Inspiring Achievement….. What did TVXQ do?…;;

7. Inspiring Achievement???

8. Why isn’t IVE there??

9. Lim Young Woong and TWICE are amazing

10. What is Galaxy Neo Flip Artist?

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