Korean netizens react to TWICE’s Chinese fans sending protest trucks to JYP’s building

TWICE’s Chinese fans sent protests trucks to JYP’s building

“No more makeup that doesn’t highlight members’ unique features.
No more album designs and promotion plans that were made carelessly”

“Invest more into the group’s playlist and TikTok traffic.
Help the group get more exposure!”

“Don’t forget that without TWICE, JYP would be bums asking for money on the street.”

“Do as the fans are instructing!
Remember how precious TWICE is as a top-tier girl group.”

“I am running ads on Twitter since JYP isn’t, so please RT a lot. Also, this ad only runs in Korea.”

1. Isn’t TWICE JYP’s #1 source of profit? Please invest in them ㅠ

2. I heard that JYP’s net profit was higher than expected but I can’t help but think it’s because they didn’t invest much

3. I didn’t even know about TWICE’s comeback. I only knew when I watched the challenge…

4. They didn’t even run ads on Twitter, right?

5. I like all the songs in this album so please promote it ㅠㅠㅠ

6. That’s true, but it seems like the company isn’t actually doing anything

7. Seriously, TWICE is still doing well overseas. It’s not easy to create a globally famous group like this. Please do your best, JYP

8. I didn’t even know TWICE did a comeback… I don’t understand why they always shoot low quality music videos

9. No, TWICE is treated like this?? It was something I had never even imagined

10. JYP makes a lot of money with TWICE but doesn’t invest in them?

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