Korean netizens react to Wonbin and Ningning’s dating rumors

Are Wonbin and Ningning dating?

Same clothes

Same hats

The picture above was posted on Ningning’s Instagram, and the picture below is Wonbin’s hand. The foreign fans are saying that it looks like Wonbin’s hand

The songs that Wonbin recommended from his playlist in RIIZE’s self-made contents are all related to RIIZE but Paul Blanco ‘Such a thing’ was suddenly added to the list

Ningning sang it on It’s Live and Knowing Bros

Wonbin was caught glancing at Ningning, the two of them even were stuck together at the SM concert

This was edited but I found it so I’ll post it hereㅋㅋ Their faces look good together so I hope they’re dating~!

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1. [+79, -8] The hands are completely different and the hat was worn by Anton, Baekhyun, Doyoung and Ten too. Are they all dating together?

2. [+66, -6] They were far from one another but only look like that because of the angle?

3. [+62, -7] Karina and Sung Hanbin were also meshed together on DC Gallery, but she dated Lee Jae Wook. Also, the thickness of the fingers is different

4. [+52, -12] Don’t force this, even the hands are different, don’t just look at the thumb, look at the hands too

5. [+40, -1] Is he the next member who causes controversy?

6. [+35, -27] Ningning could have done better, don’t date a man who is 168

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