Korean netizens talk about BLACKPINK Jennie’s collab song ‘One Of The Girls’

How did you guys find Jennie’s collab song ‘One Of The Girls’?

[+26, -12]

1. [+13, -15] I didn’t even know they released a song, this is such a flopped show

2. [+13, -1] The song is really good

3. [+11, -1] The plot of drama ‘The Idol’ is disgusting but the song is good ㅠㅠ Jennie’s voice is endearing too

4. [+9, -4] Jennie’s roaches are always talking about women being other women’s biggest enemies but Jennie’s roaches are practicing it

5. [+8, -1] It’s interesting that Jennie is the one who sings the chorus when she’s the featuring artistㅋㅋㅋ And when the three of them sing together, their voices harmonize

6. [+7, -0] The song is good because I like The Weeknd’s music and Jennie’s voice

7. [+2, -2] I came here after listening to it, and to be honest, the song is so good and suits Jennie’s voice

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Get a life

Jizz in pantz

Jennie is an actress now, they should have give the opportunity to Jisoo, she’s the main vocal and most talented of Blackpink.


Lol, Jennie stans are such retards they’re coming for Nayeon and telling her to leave the group cuz she’s untalented, lazy and bad actress like you sure you’re not talking abt your fave? they’re spamming the same thing and using Bts pics in their profile. I’m convinced blonks are mentally ill ppl at this point

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They are being little too delusional coming at Nayeon with those claims. Nayeon despite having a major accident which actually impacted her one foot still manages to give us excellent stages and performances. But can they say the same about their girlie, who is like sick every other day or is injured.


Shes only sick and injured if its not Coachella.


Blinks might have dragged Nayeon for outfits but I’ve never seen any Blink dragging her for being lazy and asked her to leave the group. Hating Jennie is making you all this gullible miserable sheep who just believe whatever BS being thrown at her.


Stop with this crap, you can literally go to Nayeon’s ig and see it with your own eyes. First your fellow blonks were accusing her for copying Jennie’s outfit and then started to spam this bs. Onces are fucking tired of your retarded fandom, go and defend your girls instead of dragging every gg. Blonks are everywhere shitting on others, and accusing them for stealing something from BP.

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Is “dragging for her clothes” seems any sane thing to you? I have never in my life ever dragged Jennie or your other bp girlies for wearing similar clothes or even seeing their obvious lack of energy performance. And God forbid if I ever slvt shame these women cause I never ever will. Thinking that blinks can see this and atleast have some decency to not drag Twice unprovoked. But recently blinks are literally sending them d#@th threats along with slvt shaming them like everyday with 1k+ likes. When onces were not even the ones who were slvt shaming your girlies. I am not talking about other mixed ones. I am solely talking about onces. Onces pure onces never ever will drag a women or call them a slvt. Then why are blinks doing this same thing to us which is happening to you. This is something twice are also suffering from not only blinks but other fandoms as well. Why do you think we have gone extra sensitive about the protect twice train. Why can’t we expect similar things from you guys especially in this slvt shaming thing. Do you think it’s normal? It doens’t matter if someone is getting heavily or less slvt shamed. They both are getting it at the end of the day and it’s not correct whatsoever. So stop fighting us onces as we are the main villians in this. Y’all know who it is so confront them next time. And don’t go to our girls.


This is a whole lie


stop with the crap and put some bleach in ur eyes

Last edited 5 months ago by chill

Not you using the R slur.🫵🏻 The only mentally ill people here is you and every Jennie hater in Pannkpop. Imagine hallucinating that you had to make up a lie just to drag Jennie and her fans.


You’re just proving my point, you’re mentally ill blonk)


ABLEISM and SLUTSHAMING are so normalized in Army and Onces fandoms. This two fandoms keep licking each others’ asses just to drag Jennie. Disgusting losers!


Sure hun, that’s what you deserve for dragging every fucking group, blonks like to shit on everyone and then cry abt being hated lol. Fix your own fandom first and then talk

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u forget about blinks fav “pado” and “wh0re”????.
put some bleach in ur eyes


Jennie stans at pannchoa trying their best to hype up midnie. It flopped so hard and look at the upvotes of the comments posted on this knetz article. The highest being +26 lmao. Jennie fans forming an echo chamber and living in a bubble where they contend themselves with delusions about this talentless fad. So much bragging about the It girl of Korea when she failed to crack the regular melon top 100. Where is her star power and impact? lol

With new gorgeous idols in kpop do they really think anyone cares about this hag. Its just yg mediaplay keeping her popularity afloat just like how this non trending article was posted here because media sites get paid to talk about these dozens. Blinks act so brave on twitter but these girlies have hardly any actual achievement apart from “girl group” tag attached to them. Anyways the disgusting lyrics and flop song tanked as expected. Seoul cycle giving weekend his first flop.


That site is run by blinks and gg stans. Whatever they say over there the opposite is typically true


Weeknd has lost his touch in music. The song is way too much hyped. Weeknd during his debut released such bangers but now it’s too bland. The last good release from him was d+e for you ft Ariana. After that I don’t think any of his music has really left good impression. Blinding lights was such a huge song that people were talking about it left and right. I didn’t even knew he released a new song until it came to my shuffle list. After listening to it I knew why was it. He needs to bring back his old charm. But the way he is now. I just don’t want to see any of his works. This drama plot and all has ruined his whole personality to me.


Then don’t, he does not need your support.


Who said anything about supporting r@pe fantasists really. You really think I am that low of a person. Are you seriously going to defend that man over here. I can take the Jennie defense cause it’s valid but for that man🤣🤣 you need some wakeup call dude. Maybe watch his scenes a little that can be enough for a lifetime cringe. And his songs are not hitting. Take it or leave it idc. Maybe support a criminal too while you’re at it.


Ended flopga and halsey collab


b!tch where ? 😂


Exactly, their collab is nowhere on chart 🤣


Get back to locking stdennies dirty ass twink


Thats jin and his only talent in the military


Not a drag when jenslut’s only accepted talent is being a cumrag for popular men. Her own country calls her a whore like be serious




Ended Pedotae

Ladyboy Lisa

Damn she sweep everything 😍 from acting in porn series to even singing

John Xina

This show was hyped for a year and the Collab was announced a month ago with the biggest male artist in the world and it didn’t even enter the top 100 of Bugs 🥴

Show second season cancelled before episode 2 even aired lol Jennie is somehow an it girl? Fucking flop.


To all Jennie haters here, watch out! Don’t get surprised if one of you get doxxed soon.

mother CL

said that with your whole chest as if we are supposed to be surprised by yall being unhinged for no reason. resorting to doxxing people for rightfully criticizing those dozens once in a blue month lmao no wonder nobody takes yall lil kids and those 4 puppets seriously

Like Crazy


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she (literally) sucks


Jennie stans are delusional twinks. Never seen a fandom support their idol giving them nothing but controversies and paid lives so much.

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