Korean netizens talk about “BLACKPINK’s photographer” being criticized

Outrage over “BLACKPINK’s photographer”… It was president Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron is facing criticism from his own people after he worked as a ‘photographer’ for K-Pop group BLACKPINK and American pop star Pharrell Williams

The French are reacting this way because protests are taking place across France against the government’s pension reform

1. People are protesting in the streets, and if the president is doing this, they will want to rebel

2. I like BLACKPINK, but Macron.. Think if he were the president of our country, he should be criticized

3. I’m a fan of BLACKPINK, but I understand why the French are angry

4. But why is BLACKPINK so popular in France?

5. Why? Even I feel bad, but if you are a French citizen, you are even more angry

6. I just think that BLACKPINK is so popular in France

7. I thought the French wouldn’t care about that, so I was surprised

8. But I would be ashamed to think that the president of our country is doing that

9. Guys, BLACKPINK is not guilty

10. Wow, if I were French, I would be so angry

11. But it’s not BLACKPINK’s fault

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A stupid president taking some pictures of stupid influencers 😭, they suit each other


you sound mad

pranpriya m.

Some blinks on twt really be defending this POS and his pedo wife for the sake of “protecting” Blackpink like babes, we should not want him and his wife around BP 😭


well blackpink always goes to Paris right for fashion weeks , I think that’s why they’re so popular there

Teenage puppy

Trash president
Trash group


Macron has been a joke for awhile now. Guy wants to insert himself in every media/attention related thing and goes after superstars. The way he was getting chummy with French players in the WC final, you would think he was their manager. No president behaves this way and he has no class.


he’s a pathetic clown. while millions of minorities, especially black and muslim citizens, suffer due to his ignorant and racist views and actions, he’s in qatar acting buddy buddy with players who have a minority background and clearly looked uncomfortable around him.

while hundreds of thousands were on the streets protesting against raising the retirement age and livable wages, him and his wife have nothing better to do than to attend a kpop concert and play photographer 😐


oh, look it’s the pedo teacher who fucked and married her student and 4 leeches


Macron should get critic for his ties with authoritarian not taking pictures in charity event


Who would want to be seen with the like of them? my gosh, the bar is in helll


I am not surprised. People who love midpink are just as stupid as they are 🤡


One thing you’re going to find in any bp post is armys bitter asses lmaooo

Hi, I'm Guest

And blonkers had hard time dealing w bitter truths of fact so the only thing they can do is calling ARMY bitter 😌👍

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