Korean netizens talk about BTS’s records at the Golden Disc Awards

BTS wins Daesang at the Golden Disc Awards (6 consecutive years)

Daesang 6 consecutive years

Popularity Award, Album Bonsang

Bonsang 9 consecutive years


1. Congratulations to BTS, let’s continue to make our own memories in the future

2. I’m curious, but why only J-Hope attended? Jin enlisted in the army, right? 6 members can attend, right? But these days, looks like J-Hope is doing group activities as a representative

3. J-Hope’s award speech is so cool, BTS members seem to be speaking well

4. Congratulations to BTS, my proud idols

5. Congratulations to our BTS, we love you so much. We will be BTS for the rest of our lives

6. Hobi worked hard, I’m happy to see your face

7. Wow 6 consecutive yearsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. Kingtan is amazing

9. They are seriously living legends

10. My BTS is so cool

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yeah I wonder why Hoseok is coming to these shows just to receive awards like clearly they can decline from attendind like none of them is attending MMA and I think they got 2-3 awards there .

The only plausible reason I think is because he wants to see Armys outside SK. Because he attended Mama at Japan and it’s been years they haven’t go there to meet their fans there ever since the pandemic happened , same thing with SEA, the last time probably in Singapore in 2019.


But GDA really being shady as they make army think jhope is performing. Alot of my fellow army fly to thailand to watch jhope performing.


kmedia already confirmed that jhope wasn’t going to perform when the lineup was announced, reason why gda ignored the hashtags. Big army accounts that translated kmedia news never mentioned that part either..


Still shady af cause why should the kmedia be the one to clarify and not GDA themselves? They should have put it on their tweet but want ARMY’s viewership.


? Me and my friends were all over on naver and google and twitter trying to find news and we haven’t found a single one if he is performing or not?


They put Jhope as lineup but he’s actually not performing istg it’s real clickbait by GDA 💀

Well dmn

I’m also curious about that. I understand that jhope went to a past awards bc he’d perform and others haven’t debuted yet or were promoting (in RM case) but in this case he just went to receive them, why couldn’t the others also go?


From the way they talk about it, the lyrics and choreo to Run BTS (the members wanting the chorus to be as fast as possible to express how hard they worked) I think most of them just desperately need a break from this kind of thing. Going to countless award shows on two continents every year with so much pressure and expectations seems like it was pretty draining. I don’t blame them for just not wanting to go for a while now that they finally have that choice.


Probably because they want busan concert is the last group performance before next cb in 2025. So whats the point having alot of members attending when them not performing. Also for US awards shows, its normal artists just attending n not performing.


Hobi wanted to go, no one force him.. the other members just don’t want to deal with that


The others also have works to do? I don’t think they want to attend something with only 6 members, it’s gonna be one of them and it’s enough


BTS members are not obligated to attend these award shows. The fact that Hobi attended shouldn’t be used to question why the others didn’t attend. People should just be glad that j-hope attended and move on.


Maybe they’re busy preparing for their solo debut or they just don’t want to attend and during his speech he said he had a drink with the members last night except for jin so no one’s forcing them to attend maybe hobi just went there to see army cause it’s been a long time since he was in Thailand. I just don’t like how gda announced hobi as the line up as if he was going to perform cause it looks like they’re scamming the fans to buy the tickets.💀

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Yeah when jhope was announced i knee every armys was panicking to get the tickets 💀💀 it was really disappointing


The best moment was the tribute video in which Yoongi comes out saying that there will be no next BTS in front of all those groups that want to brag about being BTS. 


See you again in 2025 T_T

keep sobbing

nah in 2025 everyone will forget bts and blackpink would already win the Grammys keep crying boo

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