Korean netizens talk about the First Lady of France and BLACKPINK Lisa together

The First Lady of France and Lisa in real timeㄷㄷ

Next to Lisa is the First Lady, next to the First Lady is the coach of the French national football team

Lisa is expected to perform solo at the charity gala hosted by the First Lady of France on January 26 (broadcast on French national television)

(Last year BLACKPINK performed Shut Down and Pink Venom here)

[+162, -27]

1. [+39, -6] She takes care of Lisa like her own daughterㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+37, -6] Wowㅋㅋㅋ I was so shocked, as expected from BLACKPINK

3. [+30, -6] The coach of the French football team also attended that event… Lisa really got many love calls

4. [+23, -7] Lisa is seriously amazing…

5. [+20, -5] Watching the video, I saw that the First Lady escorted Lisa and took good care of her. I hope that Lisa will perform well on stage!

6. [+14, -2] I think Lisa will enjoy her second golden age when she goes solo

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