Koreans call ENHYPEN Jay a traitor after he apologized for controversy disparaging Korean history

“It’s like a short story” ENHYPEN Jay apologizes after controversy disparaging Korean history

1. It’s ridiculous that an American kid would say such thingsㅋㅋ If Korean history is a short story, American history can be summarized on A4 paper or in one lineㅋㅋ

2. Isn’t this a traitor to the country?

3. Even if you have dual nationality, if you go to elementary, middle and high school in Korea, your mind will be Korean, but why are you just ignorant?

4. Their group seems to be more popular overseas than in Korea. What the hell did he say?

5. He must have never studied Korean history, he wouldn’t be able to say that if he had read the textbooks in school

6. Who is he??? Who is this hollow headed ba$tard???

7. Is he planning to give up the Korean market? He should be ostracized in Korea

8. American history has only 300 years, why do you think Korean history is short?

9. What are you doing to write something that doesn’t even look like an apology?

10. HYBE should take responsibility and teach their artists to study history

11. An American who attended elementary, middle, and high school in Korea?

12. Do you think stupidity is something to brag about?

13. Do you really not know what kind of consequences will happen when you say that?

14. Nowadays, traitors are also K-pop idolsㅋ

15. You are American, but you say Korean history is a short story?

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I understand that what he said could be perceived as ignorant but my lord koreans have such high pride that they can’t even acknowledge a humble apology 🙄

queen 🐝

They act high and mighty but they defended a Korean idol for posing with a Nazi statue saying she could just be lacking info etc etc. Dumbasses.

based misandrist

he made an insensitive remark regarding their history obviously they wouldn’t be happy about it…but typical boy group stan iroach defending small dicked male idols no matter what they do


don’t be such an idiot to assume things on the internet, please. You know nothing about me to make up anything, and you look stupid doing so. Next time you should really watch that mouth before you start to type nonsense, thanks!


Koreans are so high and mighty and unforgiving but expect everyone to give them leniency when they mess up


Koreans are very unforgiving when its come about their korean history. I remember tiffany got cancelled by koreans making her scared to debut as soloist in korea. But now koreans already forgot as she in reborn rich just fine.

Luckily enhypen never really rely on korean fanbase so they gonna be fine. However, it would be a bit hard for jay to do solo activities in korea. Maybe hard at the moment. But i think eventually koreans gonna forget. Its not like enhypen that popular in korea anyway.


What exactly happened?


He said Korean history was short and pissed those nationalists off lololol. They say that he can’t say Korean history is short because america also has a very short history. He’s from america but I think he’s korean


korean netizens=hypocrites

Last edited 26 days ago by jheskylar

What’s crazy about this is he didn’t even compare it to American history. He compared it to Roman history 😭 Koreans act crazy about this shit. No other people act this psychotic over history


Yeah why’re they bringing up American history. He never said Americans have more history then Korea?


he compared korean history to rome history though, not american 🙄

do ppl really believe in acc that spread abt yunjin & yeonjun???? lol this acc is like sojang but in twt version. They even used enhypen picture as header but hating the group.



Yeah, it’s really weird how they’re comparing American history to Koreans history. He never once mentioned America so…?


this is why they should let them at least finish basic education


15. You are American, but you say Korean history is a short story?

I don’t think any American would find it offensive if someone says American history is relatively short.

I guess for Americans, it is just a neutral opinion which means no harm at all…..囧


Cause its not american? Its korea?


Koreans tend to easily get offended with the word “SHORT” 🤏🏻🤏🏻🤏🏻🤏🏻🤏🏻

queen 🐝

Hannams: 😡🤬🤬😡

based misandrist

y’all are the ones defending hannams lmfaoo


Been in kpop scene for too long to know you dnt fxck up korean history. You gonna get hate till end of your career

queen 🐝

That’s a damn good apology though. Like seriously, very accepting that he made a mistake and that he’ll learn. That’s much better than half the idol apology letters I’ve read.

Also Koreans are so sensitive about their history and such but when it comes to other countries’ history, they’d defend their ignorance to the max.


Koreans are so fucking sensitive. The kid apologized, like move on.
But when they’re completely ignorant of world history and events literally everyone knows they go like omg we poor Koreans don’t know anything outside our bubble pls forgive us

based misandrist

y’all would have taken the koreans’ side with a hesitation had a blackpink member done the same don’t lie

Blut moo

No? Why tf would we? Why’re you bringing up blackpink

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