Koreans don’t understand the strange regulation for girl groups when performing in Saudi Arabia

A strange regulation on girl groups in Saudi Arabia

Women are not allowed to expose their skin, so they had to wear long sleeves and long pants during their performance

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1. [+481, -16] Isn’t the fact that these regulations are gender-specific strange?

2. [+380, -8] Since when did the gender discrimination become their culture?

3. [+270, -3] It’s wrong that these rules are strict only for women. I thought we were living 500 years ago

4. [+108, -183] When it comes to gender-specific rules, is going to the army also strange?

5. [+54, -324] It’s not strange, it’s a cultural difference

6. [+22, -2] It’s a very conservative country

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Lmao stupid knetz 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂


Look who’s talking 😭


In south korea they can dress however they want tho, being it a man or a woman, so your argument doesnt make sense lmao 💀


lmao they are not wrong tho I am from Saudi Arabia and men would wear and do anything they want but ohh no god forbid women from another country can wear what they want !!


شو قصدك بالضبط؟ ما فهمت

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Jj dw

You are wrong

Jj dw

Are these knetz dumb .. whats wrong with telling them to wear modestly in a muslim country they arent annoyed they can perform perfectly they dont have to show skin to look pretty..they arent culture or regulations … They are religion .. men are also recommended to dress modestly and not to reveal much .. let me yall remind you this is how saudi men dress which is really modest .. we muslim women arent bothered by the dress code even if we are given freedom we would still not reveal and dress modestly … Whats wrong


that is the key word, men are “recommended” while women “must”

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